Luis Fernando Rivera Mnartínez


  • Marine Biologist from Universidad from Bogotá Jorge Tadelo Lozano (Bogotá-Colombia)
  • Advanced studies on Financing Administration – Escuela de Administración de Negocios —EAN— (Bogotá-Colombia)
  • Advanced studies on English-Spanish text translation – Universidad del Rosario (Bogotá-Colombia).

Professional experience

  • Over 16 years’ experience at the international market working with translation agencies such as Verbatim Solutions (USA), Inwhatlanguage (USA), Telelingua International (Belgium), Language Connect (England), GlobaLexicon (England).
  • Over two and half million words translated in the last two years for the English-Spanish language pair, in specialized fields such as Natural Sciences; Medicine; Pharmacology; Business (general); Economics; Finance (general); Management; Marketing / Market Research; Automotive / Spare Parts, Industry Manuals & Catalogs.

Designation: Founder & Translator