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October 1, 2019

Child’s Emotional Inteligence

Let's masters undertake the task of healing children suffering from anxiety.
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October 1, 2019

About Language Localization

To meet the needs of patients, life science companies need to embrace technology to improve the localization process.
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A field focused expertise and language facility help us make your business plans easily understood in the Spanish-speaking markets. The potential target clients will feel all messages natural and
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Website Translation & Localization

Making your website message local will allow you to communicate best with your overseas targeted markets, so you can be felt as familiar as if you, personally, were addressing
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Simultaneous Interpretation. We welcome all high-flying entrepreneurs looking for branching out into the Spanish speaking markets. Typically, a set of two translators will work as a team in twenty-minute
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VoIP Interpreting

Our full bilingual interpreters master the art of telephony etiquette which ensures professionalism, and the handling of courtesy and respect makes this two-way communication form highly effective. In case
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Machine Translation Post-editing

In modern times the new breaking-through automated translation technologies have substantially speed-up the translation process, so the industry can process higher text volumes in much less time than starting
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Transcreation (creative translation)

Some content needs —mostly in the advertising and marketing industries— to be transformed into a creative target language message that inspires the very same original message accurately, both emotionally
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