¿Why us?

TransSend Translation Ltd. launches a thoughtful program aimed to support spreading into Spanish their business plans, designed by companies within the USA extremely concerned about money saving and quality, looking forward to expanding their business beyond their geographical boundaries. TransSend Translation Ltd. offers its valuable expertise to companies performing within the Natural/Live sciences, Medical, and Industrial, among other specialization fields or, companies aiming at having their commercial strategies regarding specific business fields known abroad.


There are two main unbeatable pluses at the level we position ourselves:

  • First, we tailor our services to your unique type of needs —something you could hardly achieve while working with larger translation companies—, which guarantees the transparency and fidelity of your business message and delivers the result you are looking for.
  • Second, affordable rates to fit your financial resources. Furthermore, a strong commitment to keeping job deadline time frames thus allowing you to maintain your whole commercial planning.